Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grayson supports his troops!

Camber gave Grayson some of Wyatt's old clothes to borrow!! That was sooo nice of Camber. One outfit that Wyatt never got to wear becuase the season was too hot was this adorable little overalls outfit. The best thing about it is that is says "1st Squadron" on the t-shirt and overalls which i'm pretty sure is the squardon that Jeff (Camber's Hubby) is in! We got to meet Jeff and become friends with him before he went to Iraq in December / January! Jeff is a great husband and even though he has to be a dad from a far for the first year we know that he's doing a great job! Jeff - THANK YOU for your sacrifce to serve our country!!! We are praying for your continued safety while your over-seas, praying for comfort on those long hard days!!! Thank you again Jeff!!! Can't wait for you to be home with your family hopefully by Christmas!!!
Grayson Supports the Troops :) One in particular!

Here's a picture of Jeff that he had posted on his facebook of him in Iraq!
Here's a picture of Jeff and Camber with Wyatt when he was probably a week old! Now Wyatt is 7 or 8 months!!! Jeff was able to come home for the birth of Wyatt but then had to go back after 2-3 weeks. The things our troops sacrifice!
Camber - you are an amazing mom!!! I now know the hardwork that comes with being a mom! I can't believe you have had to do the long nights alone! Your sacrifice to support your husband is big and much appreciated! You have done a great job with Wyatt!
Please continue to keep the Sheppard family in your prayers as the are hopfully starting to see a small light at the end of the tunnel! Camber and Jeff have become great friends of ours and we treasure the blessings they have been in our lives!!!

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