Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eating and Trying Peas for the first time!

We have been trying to introduce Grayson to eating some baby food... mainly rice cereal but Brandy (my amazing sis-in-law) came prepared to teach me how to make homemade baby food with realy veggies and fruits. SOOO... we decided to have him try some peas for the first time while the family was in town!!! "WHY PEAS MOMMY??? You don't even eat peas???"

Not so sure about this....
Getting the hang of it... doesn't that just look soooo yummy... haha

Now here's something Grayson is used to... cereal! But it gets all over his face!

Still learning!!!

Here's the video of Grayson trying peas for the first time.... I got the face I wanted towards the end!! He's just sooo cute!!!

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