Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random pics from Nikki's camera!!!

Here are fun pics from Aunt Nikki's camera that I grabbed from her that I thought were fun!!! Brandy and Selah at the park
Grayson bundled up at the park!!!

Selah reading Grayson a bed time story!

Selah huggin Uncle matt with his christmas present she picked out for him!!! HAHAHA

Maw Maw and Paw paw with Josiah!
Nikki and Josiah!

Aunt Nikki met Grayson for the first time!!! They fell in love!!! Grayson loved to be rocked to sleep by his Aunt Nikki!

Such a big boy!!!


Daddy and his boy!!!

Smile...ok half smile!

Laughing in the car!!

Hi there!

Sad FACE!!!

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DeGroot Duo said...

i love the nike hat he has on... and he looks so stinkin' cute in the picture where he's laughin in the car! you guys make cute babies !=)