Friday, January 23, 2009

Playtime with MOMMY!!!!

Big Blue Eyes!!!
Mommy Kisses!!!


My little matthew!!!

I love my jumperoo!!!

Mommy!!! what is that thing you have in my face???

Ohh sweet boy!!! with a face like that Mommy is going to have a hard time diciplining!!!

Hello Baby Boy!!!

Here's a short video of Grayson playing in his jumperoo at Gigi and Papi's house!

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Trina said...

HI girl! I love all your pics!! I so remember the days when Pearson would stay still for a picture! Now he follows the camera and wants to hold it and I can barely get a good snapshot! I love his jumperoo! The same one is folded down under the new baby's bed! Love Grayson's big blue eyes!!