Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grayson playing with Wyatt!!!

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday!!! we had a great Christmas and New year! We had Christmas with my family... Kyle and Andrea and Kaleb and BABY #2 came in town! Yes! i said baby #2!! Kyle and Andrea are expecting again! YEAH!
Then we found out that our BFF's Josh and Kari are expecting their first!!! We found out on Christmas day!! It was great!! So Grayson has a new BFF in the works :) They will be a year apart...almost exactly depending on baby Keithley's arrival!
Matt's whole family came in town for New Years!! It was such a blessing to have everyone together! More pics to come on their visit :)
Kari's family was in town for Christmas and New Years too! Grayson got to see his buddy Wyatt!!! I think he was surprised to see that Grayson had grown but still a little guy... these pics are us comparing them!!
Grayson's shirt is drenched because of drool and spit up... oh the life of a baby!
Grayson is playing piggy back with Wyatt!!!

Boys will be boys!!!

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