Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Butler Family is GROWING!!!!

NO I'M PREGNANT!!! (I'm not ready to split my time with Grayson ) :) 

BUT this post is long over due - The Butler family is growing!! 

First, most people know that Wes and Brandy are adopting from Ethiopia ... well last month they got their referral!! A little sweet boy will be theirs! He is 18 months old and soo cute... because the adoption isn't closed yet I can't post pictures yet but Wes sent me a pic of the little guy and he's beautiful! Big eyes like Selah and brown like Josiah's!

But today was the best news! Their courtdate has been set for the 22nd of this month!! YEP next wednesday!! SO pray pray pray that they pass court! if they do they could be picking up their SON in MAY!!! 

Below is a map of Africa highlighting where Ethiopia is!
Secondly, Nikki is engaged!! So we have a new brother-in-law!!! Welcome to the family Uncle James!!! James and Nikki are getting married in June! June 26th! SO we will be in Houston for the wedding ( in Galveston) we are so excited for them... we just wish we could be more involved with the planning (ok more me than matt :) ) But its hard being so far away! But i'm excited to see family again soo soon! 
Here are a couple pics I took from Nikki's face book of their engagement party! Nice Bling Nikki! Nicely Done James!

The Happy Couple!!! The Future Mr. and Mrs. Gould! Congrats guys! See ya in June!

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