Monday, April 6, 2009

I did it!!!

Saturday Grayson officially crawled!!! I couldn't believe it! He has been thinking about it and then finally he saw a dog toy and decided to go after it! He only took a couple "crawl steps" but he was definitely crawling! YES - I cried! He's growing up so fast! 

We were at Josh and Kari's (of course) and we were all there to see it! It was great that Matt and I both were there and no one missed it! 
Look at that face! I love it! Grayson is the happiest baby and I'm so incredibly blessed to be his mommy! 

* I didn't have my camera out to catch that first crawl and then it was ready and out for the rest of the day but of course he never crawled again for the day :) But these are pics from right after!

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