Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grayson got his first Easter Basket!!! YEAH - as he claps his hands! 

One of my favorite memories rowing up s Easter morning waking up and finding our Easter Baskets on the kitchen table waiting for us! I remember one Easter I got the book "Secret Garden"! SOOO I was soo excited to make an Easter basket for Grayson! Next year I will be able to fill the eggs with goodies and we can hide them and have a little Easter Egg hunt but this year was fun to let Grayson play with the grass in the Basket! :)

Mom is still in France so we missed her for our annual Easter dinner with the Keithley's! A tradition that is over 17 years old! Josh and Kari hosted the meal and we had plenty of good food and fun just chillin'! 
Miss you Gigi can't wait till you come home!
So excited about his easter basket!
An egg!!
What is this fun grass???
Sleepy boy!! He was a little overwhelmed with his schedule being thrown off (being at church for both service while mommy and daddy sang) !
Here are some videos of Grayson playing in his Easter basket and him crawling towards the little space heater at Josh and Kari's! it's the only thing he really goes for!

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